Culture-Actıve Lessons


About the project

One lesson in a few places in Europe at the same time? Thanks to messengers and videoconferences it's now possible. Our project will involve a series of 6-7 lessons during which students from different countries will interact doing small projects , tasks, and learning about their countries. Topics range from:

-culture ( traditions, holidays, everyday routines, music, literature, cuisine, popular programmes, people, etc.),
- geography and tourism,
- history
- social issues like tolerance, social problems.
We are going to show that we are similar, no matter what part of Europe we are from.


*Getting to know foreign culture, historical background, geography
* Practising communication in English and the skill of working in groups
*Meeting peers from foreign countries and learning about their lives, problems, countries
* Improving students' abilities of using modern applications : Power Point, Movie Maker , Facebook, Skype, etc.
* promoting tolerance, cultural awareness and building the feeling that we are not so different, no matter where we come from


1. Each teacher prepares a lesson plan about the culture of their country.
2. The following lesson plans will be created together as there will be information about each country.
3. Lessons will be held approximately once in a month
4. Before or after lessons students can prepare presentations and films on certain topics and quizzes will check what others remember from them.
5. During the lessons there will be formed international groups which will do set tasks, solve problems and create small projects. They can look for some information on the web and then create short presentations, create song lyrics, interview each other, etc.
6. The project may end with a quiz based on materials from the lessons. Additionally, there may be a few students from each country who will be documenting the project by means of photos, movies and notes. After the cycle of lessons they may cooperate and prepare a chronicle of the project. The electronic version of the chronicle may be printed.


* The knowledge of culture, traditions and geography of foreign countries
* Contact with peers from abroad
* Experience of working in an international group
* Improving students' communication skills in English
* Comparing life in different countries
* Ready presentations, lesson plans, films
* The chronicle of the project